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New Arrivals E-Books

Fury of the Dragon Goddess

By Chadda, Sarwat

Whispers at Dusk

By Graham, Heather


By Steel, Danielle


By Bonello, Deborah


By Hoover, Colleen

Remarkably Bright Creatures

By Van Pelt, Shelby

A Court of Thorns and Roses

By Maas, Sarah J.

Pink Lemonade Cake Murder

By Fluke, Joanne

New Arrivals AudioBooks

The Wind Knows My Name

by Allende, Isabel

The Whispers

by Audrain, Ashley

Season of Skulls

By Stross, Charles

Same Time Next Summer

By Monaghan, Annabel


By Martin, Pedro

Long Gone, Come Home

By Chenault-Kilgore, Monica

Fourth Wing

By Yarros, Rebecca

Libros en Español

Y a ti qué the pica?

by Maxwell, Megan

Tal Vez Ahora

by Hoover, Colleen

Mapas difusos

By Garcia, Cristina

Cuando nadie te ve

By Valenzuela, Jose Ignacio

El canto del cisne

By Greenberg - Jephcott, Kelleigh

La Aventura

By Steel, Danielle

“ As a County we strive to bring services to the doorsteps of our constituents. E-books are a convenient way to access a library in the palm of your hand. By downloading the free application on a smartphone, computer or tablet, the user will have access to a book anytime and anywhere. ”

Commissioner Palacios